We are able to transport over the world around 2 to 4 million tons of pellets shipped to Rotterdam of the very best quality. These pellets can be used instead of coal and will be transported in monthly shipments of 20 to 40K tons per vessel. We have some buyers, but we are looking for more. We are looking for a potential buyer. 

We can give you all the details of the pellets. Transport possibilities available from Rotterdam to anywhere in the region on the Rhine. To any place/port. We have sufficient barges/vessels and with BLOCK TRAINS which could transport the pellets to any location near European rivers, like Rhine or  other locations. Selected transporters are ready for further distribution ports, even to UK areas. Let us know your offer.

We are ready to answer any question. Also for questions and solutions for switching from coal to pellets, and the calorific processes.    

For more information please contact: